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"Mark is one of the most encouraging athletes I know, as his competitive nature does not venture outside himself. This is very unique in the endurance world, and makes him one of the most caring and friendly athletes at any event.


I've had the pleasure of watching Mark push the limits of endurance sport for the past ten years. What makes him unique is his ability to do it while maintaining balance in his personal life (specifically always being there for his daughter and shining as a chef). 


Mark's love for this community shines through, and I look forward to seeing what he's up to next as he pushes the limits of his mind and body in this sport."

Richelle Love (Co-Owner of Tri-It Multisport)


Why race?

Originally the choice to race was to challenge myself. I had the desire to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Over the years, the focus shifted to inspiring my daughter. I want to help her see what she is capable of, and understand that challenging oneself is a positive thing. Getting out of your comfort zone helps you grow. Now, it's progressed to include my diet and my mind. I strive to challenge my body to quiet its inner demons, and push myself to limits I never thought possible. 


The most challenging part for me when preparing for a race is th endless hours of solo training. It's being on the trainer in my house or on the treadmill in the winter, or that black line on the bottom of the pool that says, 'Hey friend, you sure you want to keep going?' But the most rewarding part about racing is putting in the time to get your mind, body, and soul to a place where you know you can do it. 


Don't be afraid to try. Everyone starts at the beginning​. Don't look at others and wonder why you aren't as fast or strong. Use them as inspiration. I remember when I could barely run around the block. Now it takes me 5km to warm up! Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not trying at all. 

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current race(s)

Half ironman CDA
& ironman penticton

I keep running into the same question with myself after every race season - "Ok, what's next?" Sometimes, like this past year, I'll do shorter races such as a half Iron Man. Other times, I want to challenge myself and go bigger. What else can I push myself to do?


This year I will be doing Eye Ball The Wall 30km, a great grass routes race in Calgary, as well as the Half Ironman in CDA and Ironman Canada in Penticton. My goal is to beat my time from my last Ironman Canada race in Penticton, which was ten years ago. Let's go legs!


past races


Ultra520KMCanada 2016

Ironman Canada 

Ironman Ceour D'alane 

Challenge Penticton

Half Ironman Stoney Plain

Half Ironman Calgary, AB

Half Ironman Ceour D'alane

Multiple Olympic & Sprint Distance Triathlons


Canadian Death Race 125KM

Lumberjack 50 Mile

Sun Valley Idaho 50 Mile

Calgary 50KM 

Calgary Marathon 

Sequim Port Angeles Marathon

Hypothermic Half Marathon

Harvest Half Marathon

Calgary Half Marathon

Too many more to count!

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